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Skin Care Class / Pink Boot Camp 3

Listen to all the audio, print the PDFs, and take notes on this Pink Boot Camp class. Once you've gone through all the information below, fill out the form for your director.

Form for Alison Jurek

Form for Mallory Anderko

Prize for Completing Pink Boot Camp 3

Congratulations on booking your Skin Care Classes! This page has all the information you'll need to have successful events! Your goal at each party is 2+2+2+2... 2 or more future parties booked, $200 or more in sales, 2 interviews booked and 2 guests confirmed for your next unit meeting! That's working full circle!

  • Skin Care Class Invitations
  • NEW! Skin Care Class Flip Chart Pages
    Print flip chart pages in color and put them in page protectors using the MK Flip Chart (comes included in the new starter kit, or is available for order on Mary Kay Intouch).

    • Click here to download the MK Corporate Flip Chart.
    • Click here to download our area's Supplemental Flip Chart pages.
    • Click here to download the Complete Flip Chart Presentation.

    Cardinal ShowFile Presentation Easel

Skin Care Class Packet Contents

Skin Care Class Placemats (double-sided)

Packing and Prep

Microdermabrasion On the Hand & Party Opening

Overview of 4 Skin Care Lines

Skinvigorate Brush & Ticket Game

Body of Party

Satin Lips & Referrals

Table Close

Sharing Your Goals at Your Party