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Alison Jurek, Executive Senior Sales Director

Pink Boot Camp

Pink Boot Camp 4

Listen to all the audio, print the PDFs, and take notes on this Pink Boot Camp class. Once you're finished fill out the form for you director.

Form for Alison Jurek

Form for Mallory Anderko

After the Party Printouts Media
Contacting Referrals
Optimal Customer Service Plan
Thank You Cards Version 1
Version 2

Team Building Printouts Media
Recruiting Mindset
The MK Career Path
Layering Sheets
Earn a Free Car Earn a Free Car
Go Red Tracking Sheet
Bold Vision
Starter Kit / Team Building Flyer

Color Appointment / Glamour Party Video Education

Disc Training Printouts Media
DISC Personality

Jeanie Martin Disc from Jeanie Martin/Mary Kay on Vimeo.


Miracle Morning