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Alison Jurek, Executive Senior Sales Director

Pink Boot Camp

Pink Boot Camp 2

Listen to all the audio, print the PDFs, and take notes on this Pink Boot Camp class. Once you're finished fill out the form for you director.

Form for Alison Jurek

Form for Mallory Anderko

Coaching Printouts Media
What is Coaching?
Commitment Statements
Guest Lists = Golden Ticket
Hostess Program & Packet Contents Hostess Program
Guest List/Invite List
Outside Order form
Also add in a Look Book and your business card!
Our Secret Weapon – The Hostess Program
Coaching to Perfection Coaching to Perfection
Coaching Your Appointments Tracking Sheet
Pre-Profiling Guest
Pre-Party Coaching With Your Hostess

Time & Money Management Printouts Media
Time Managment and Compartmentalization
Six Most Important Things to Do
Weekly Plan Sheet
50/40/10 Money Management Spreadsheet

Pink Achievers Printouts Media
Tracking Sheets New Consultant
Detailed Version

Preferred Customer Program Printouts Media
Program Calendar

How To Fill Out a Sales Ticket
Courtesy of Amy Kemp

How to Fill Out a Weekly Accomplishment Sheet
Courtesy of Amy Kemp

How to Fill Out a Product Replacement Request
Courtesy of Amy Kemp