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Alison Jurek, Executive Senior Sales Director

Pink Boot Camp

Pink Boot Camp 1

Listen to all the audio, print the PDFs, and take notes on this Pink Boot Camp class. Once you're finished fill out the form for you director.

Form for Alison Jurek

Form for Mallory Anderko

Getting Started Printouts Media
Prospect List Prospect List
Who Should Be On My Contact List?
Contact List
Pearls of Sharing Booking Who Do You Know? (for Pearls)
Tracking Sheet
Power Start Booking Script
Tracking Sheet
Booking Plan Sheet Booking Plan Sheet

Booking Printouts Media
Booking is a State of Being
Book 10 by the 5th
Overcoming Booking Objections
Knowing Your Booking Numbers
Invitations Skin Care Class Invitation

Organization Printouts Media
Your MK Office
Monthly Goal Thermometer
Weekly Plan Sheet

Team Communication Printouts Media
Communications Tools


Places to Win

Sales Goal Thermometer

Star Consultant Program

Annual Awards Night

Charm Bracelets

Pink Achievers